Jeddah, SA
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Hejaz Ultra

Hejaz Ultra Trail Marathon in Saudi Arabia
Welcomes runners of all abilities.
We run on trails, dunes and occasionally, if nobody is watching, we'll do a bit of tarmac.
Fee: No, complimentary
Training & workouts
Will Contain Nuts
05:50 AM: Meet @ the BRSM
06:00 AM: Leave to the start. Don't be late.
06:30 AM: Start Trek

Perfect training for the Howlin'Dog and the Hejaz50.

12km of hell - 676m incline.
Camelback required with 3L water and snacks (YES three liters or over 6 pints).
Expected duration 4 1/2 hours, trekking at a fast pace.

There is an option to turn around after 3.7km which is still not for the faint-hearted.
Trail is not marked so you need some sense of direction if you decide to turn around and will need the KMZ (shared soon)

Ahmad Atwi will lead the trekking group.
in Dec'16 only 50% reached Jabal Qunut (Despair Mt.). It took 3h30 running.

Access is SEDAN friendly.
Trail is GOAT friendly.

Direction to BRSM (45 mins away from Tahlia/Madinah Intersection):
On the Briman Road, at the usual Briman Road-Side Mosque (BRSM)
1) take the Briman/Haramain exit
Drive 30 km East on the end of Highway 4050 and drive the interchange to head back West on the Briman Highway 4050 towards Jeddah for 12km.
2) On the Briman Highway heading west back to Jeddah, start slowing down after 11.5km to be able to turn-off the Highway at BRSM: 21°39'11.8"N 39°23'28.7"E

Mersal Village: From the EgyptianSlide to Jabal Qunut
From: Sat. 24 Feb. 2018
Sat. 6h - 10h
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