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971 Athletes

Brand Brief
We, 971 Athletes, are a team of elite and passionate athletes, who believe in the power of unity, in forming bonds and building potential. Our dream is to create a platform for all athletes to come together, overcome challenges, and unite to represent their shared values. 971 represents the community from which it is deeply rooted, United Arab Emirates. The numbers 971 represent the country code for the United Arab Emirates, the numbers 971 allow anyone from anywhere in the world to contact us in UAE. We chose these numbers to symbolize the connection and the bond that tie us together, as a force. We believe that being physically active enriches lives, builds stronger communities and creates a healthier and happier nation. So, we are here, committed to empower all the members and aim to build a legacy of athletes leaving their mark in history, and to advocate participation and volunteer work through various competitions and events.

1 Vision
We strive to become a unified leading voice for all athletes and a source of inspiration to overcome any challenges in the United Arab Emirates and abroad.

7 Missions
1. Building connections & relationships.
2. Creating a more inclusive society.
3. Empowering new generations of athletes.
4. Encouraging volunteer work.
5. Giving back to the community.
6. Promoting healthy culture.
7. Supporting athletes of determination.

9 Values
1. Commitment
2. Competition
3. Excellence
4. Innovation
5. Integrity
6. Passion
7. Sportsmanship
8. Teamwork
9. Tolerance
We are the CULTURE. We are the FUTURE.
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