Charity & Fundraising

One of the most rewarding benefits of any sports activity is that it can save people’s lives, energise their minds and bodies, help the healing process and spread the power of good health where it’s needed the most. Whether we call it a CSR initiative or simply love for humanity, the outcome is the same, when we see how sports for charity can truly change lives.

Our aim at Hopasports is to encourage everyone involved in sports to support betterment of society. To this end, we receive the patronage and partnership of the Al Jalila Foundation and Dubai Cares. 100% of all charitable funds collected via sports fund raising activities will be directed towards healthcare and educational programmes, under the auspices these charities.


The donations for the different charitable organizations or foundations are administered by:
Donations received globally, excluded the United Arab Emirates: Hopatec Ltd., (Company number 9237589), a company incorporated in the United Kingdom, having its offices at 1-4 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7LD, UK.
Donations received from within the United Arab Emirates: Hopatec Sports Services, (License number 683845), a company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates, having its offices at P.O.Box 478323, Dubai, UAE.
Hopasports is a firm believer that doing good for your own body and mind is the first step towards doing good for others. When you donate through Hopasports, you begin a social revolution that ignites generosity in others as well. We will make your donation information available through our site, whether you’re an individual or a sports club. Kindness is infectious- in a good way! So we encourage you to share your kindness and social responsibility through Hopasports so that the message spreads far and wide.
No, absolutely not! 100% of the amount you donate, goes directly and only to the charitable foundation. We are firm believers in total transparency.
Any transactions via Hopasports to a charitable foundation is supervised by the foundation itself. We ensure that the charitable foundation will receive your donation amount with a clear note about your choice of intended charity. This way, your generosity finds the right target.
Yes, of course. Our website will show you the amounts raised for each charitable cause. If you are a registered Hopasports member, you can also view a list of your personal donations on a cool blue thermometer, which is a fundraising graph.
Donated in 2017$ 26,967.48
2014 Help children back on their feet $ 14,240.12
2014 Cancer $ 54.45
2015 Help children back on their feet $ 14,729.28
2015 Cancer $ 82.69
2015 BeWell $ 458.39
2015 Road to Awareness $ 111.63
2015 Diabetes $ 13.61
2016 BeWell $ 980.08
2016 Road to Awareness $ 6,263.77
2016 Help children back on their feet $ 3,416.61
2016 Cardiovascular Diseases $ 40.83
2016 A’awen $ 13.61
2016 Cancer $ 68.06
2016 Omniyat Dania $ 290.57
2016 Children's education $ 10,208.00
2016 Diabetes $ 52.23
2017 Children's education $ 13,113.49
2017 Road to Awareness $ 5,921.19
2017 Cancer $ 204.17
2017 Help children back on their feet $ 356.21
2017 Diabetes $ 54.44
2017 Mental Health $ 4,425.27
2017 Beating cancer as soon as possible $ 2,838.26
2017 iMcan $ 54.45

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