Servatius Palmans

Servatius Palmans is a seasoned amateur athlete. His energy, dynamism and sheer love for all things sports led him to envision and set up Hopasports, so that people who were like-minded could find a singular portal for all their participation needs.

Being founder and proprietor of Hopatec Sports Services (Hopasports), he offers enthusiastic athletes and sports organisers an opportunity to manage their clubs, events and individual participations at one place, and enjoy the benefit of social interaction with other sports enthusiasts. His company also contributes to the Al Jalila Foundation. He especially supports many events that are organised for charitable fund drives.

Servee himself is extremely enthusiastic about running, especially endurance running. He also enjoys cycling and swimming. Over the years he has participated in over 100 sports events including multiple cycle challenges, Olympic-triathlons, half-triathlons, half-marathons, full-marathons, and the ultra-marathons 7EmiratesRun (12 ultra-marathons, in 12 consecutive days, crossing all the 7 Emirates of the UAE).

Of Dutch origin, his day job is in international hospitality and private education. He’s been a Dubai resident for over 15 years and is active in the local social sports club Cycle Safe Dubai and Desert Road Runners.

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