Timing & Scoring

Hopatec Sports Services provides innovative automated sports timing and scoring services.

Timekeeping and generating race results can be a challenging task and is absolutely vital to the success of any sports event.

The timing systems and race scoring applications we use are designed to minimize logistics, optimise the sporting experience and guarantee undisputed results.


We own and operate the following timing & scoring systems:

BibTag System

Timing at a race is a challenging task. The MYLAPS BibTag System is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user-friendly for participants. It is the world’s only timing system with just a single tag attached to the bib number.
Sports: Running, Cycling, and Multisport.

ProChip System

The MYLAPS ProChip Timing System is fast, reliable and easy to use. The system can be used at a wide range of active sports.
Sports: Running, Swimming, Cycling, and Multisport.

If you are interested in our timing and scoring services, please contact and connect with us.