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Everest International aims to promote virtual races, to encourage amateurs and professionals to have a healthy lifestyle, to stay fit and always be motivated.

Every month we organise virtual races with options for 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon distances.

We would like to give athletes and sporty individuals the chance to compete against the World’s sports community, while choosing their own distance, venue, pace and time.

Maybe because of the lockdowns and pandemic restrictions, sport events were canceled. Maybe you work very long hours in the office which makes it hard for you to wake up early during your weekend in order to participate in a race. Maybe you want to run with your dog, just push the pram, listen music while you run (which is ordinarily prohibited during organised runs), or the weather makes it difficult - now you have a great opportunity to register and run.

Running is associated with improved health and life expectancy. Running has been described as the World's most accessible sport.

We promise stunning, customised finisher’s medals and PDF downloadable Certificates.


The name of the company is Everest International, under the slogan “Don’t stop when it’s difficult, stop when it’s impossible”. We all know what it is like to become overwhelmed by anxiety during a run. We start to doubt whether we can run the distance, or something inside us tells us to stop.

Most of us usually quit as soon as something becomes too difficult, whether it is mental or physical. That's why you need to fight even harder, once things start to get difficult. You shouldn't give in to that voice in your head that wants to protect you from the unknown, or exceeding your limits.

The first step is to be alert to the feeling of fatigue or negativity. We all experience it differently but the impact is the same. We doubt our ability and are tempted to quit.

We don’t want you stop. We believe in you. We believe that you will finish the distance you choose, whether it is your first 5km or your tenth marathon. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible’.


The Eagle- The Eagle is a symbol of power, strength, courage, and focus. The eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit; it is man's connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird.

Eagle people are seen as visionaries, those who are seekers and who are willing to push the limits of self-discovery and personal freedom. The eagle person is a born leader and may become impatient with those who cannot fly as high or as fast. Despite the fact that the eagle with hold aloof or retreat to the skies, people will naturally gravitate to them.

The Emu-The Emu symbol stands for hard work. People under this spirit animal are self-motivated and goal-driven. When they focus on something, they can push themselves to the limit. More than anything, these individuals seek greatness and will not rest until they achieve it. Also, people with this spirit animal totem are fearless. They are bold and can take on any challenge life throws at them. The emu is chosen to symbolise a company moving forward, based on the fact that this animal can’t move backwards easily – i.e. symbolising progress.

The Kangaroo- The kangaroo represents adaptation, protection, stamina, and making wise decisions. The kangaroo symbolises a time to take a leap of faith or a period of waiting, watching, and building in preparation for a big transition in your life.

The kangaroo might symbolise the need to reflect on the speed you need to be moving through things in different real-world situations.

The animal always has enough energy left over for whatever situation arises. The lesson here is about how, where, and when you spend your energy, and what you leave in reserve.

The Flamingo- The flamingo represents our social nature and desire to create community ties we can trust. Being social and part of something where we can express ourselves brings a natural balance to our professional lives. We need both so that we always have a proverbial leg on which to stand.

Flamingos are very social creatures who like living in large groups. The largest documented flock of Flamingos numbered over one million in East Africa. True civilisation depends on our ability to connect and work with others. A community cannot grow and thrive without each person doing their part to achieve common goals.
Finally, the flamingo spirit sometimes comes into our lives as an omen of a new love interest. She appears, saying, “Pay attention!” Life is beautiful, and love only makes it even more so. Just remember that love requires commitment and work.

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