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عودة النسخة الخامسة من تحدي خورفكان- جبل الرابي ، الحدث الرياضي الأكثر شهرة على الساحل الشرقي الجميل، مدينة خورفكان.

يسعدنا ان نقدم هذا التحدي حصريًا لأصحاب روح المغامرة التي تتوق إلى كشف المجهول.

انضم إلينا لتجربة الأسرار البكر لمدينة خورفكان من خلال مسار جبل الرابي، الواقعة على أراضي عذراء حيث يمكنك مشاهدة مدينة خورفكان والساحل الفريد والشواطئ السرية الجميلة.

يضمن تحدي جبل خورفكان تجربة ساحرة على ممر جبال الربيع الطبيعي الواقع في أعلى قمة في الجبال الشرقية على ارتفاع مذهل يبلغ 395 مترًا.

يعد مسار المشي لمسافات طويلة الأرضي أيضًا موطنًا لبرج الرابي وهو البرج الأساسي والأهم لسلسلة أبراج المراقبة على طول الجبال.

تم بناء البرج في عام 1915 م ويرحب الآن بالوصول العام مع مناظر بانوراميه خلابة تطل على مدينة خورفكان بالإضافة إلى المعالم التي تمتزج بسلاسة مع أفق البحر.

The Fifth Edition of Khorfakkan Mountain Challenge returns, the most famous sporting event on The beautiful East Coast, Khorfakkan City. This year you can participate physically or virtual.

This event is exclusively created for the adventurous soul eager to unravel the unknown.

Join us in experiencing pristine secrets of the exclusive city of Khorfakkan, set on virgin territories where you can see Khorfakkan city and the unique coast and beautiful secret beaches.

The Khorfakkan Mountain Challenge guarantees a mesmerizing experience on the natural AL RABI Mountains Trail located at the highest peak of the Eastern mountains on a stunning elevation of 395 meters.

The earthly hiking trail is also home to Al Rabi Tower which is the primary and foremost Tower of series of watch towers along the mountains.

The tower was built in the 1915 A.D. and now welcomes public access with breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the city of Khorfakkan as well as the landmarks blend seamlessly with the sea horizon.
Al Rabi Hiking Trail
United Arab Emirates
3km Trail Run
Sat. 9 Dec. 2023
3 km
Registration open
Wed. 2 Aug. 2023
Registration close
Fri. 8 Dec. 2023 22:59 or sooner if the event is fully-booked.
Individual athletes
Medal, Refreshments, Automated Timing, Electronic Certificate.
Refund policy
Fees are non-refundable.
If the athlete is unable to participate on race day due to any reason:
- the athlete can get a refund of the race entry up to 7 days before the event (subject to a 15% administration fee); or
- the athlete can transfer the race entry to a fellow athlete before the registration closing date (subject to terms of service and subject to the prevailing registration fee on the day of transfer)

Furthermore, this event is subject to refunds as follows:
- for refunds related to cancelled events, we will contact you and issue a refund automatically.
- for refunds related to rescheduled events, we will contact you with the new date and time ASAP. In case you can't make the event, refunds will be done upon request.
- store purchases are excluded from refunds.
- all refunds are subject to a 15% administration fee.
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Event Day Schedule: 5:25 AM : Alfajer prayer 5:30 AM : Check in open 6:45 AM : Check in close 6:48 AM : Sunrise 7:00 AM : START 9:20 AM Prize distribution 10: 00 AM Race off
Spectators area(s)
On race day at the venue from 5:45AM - 6:45AM.
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Registered Nurse and / or Emergency Medical services present.
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3km Trail Run

  • 3 km
Start date
Sat. 9 Dec. 2023
Start time
Start location
Al Rabi Hiking Trail, الشارقة (AE)
Finish location
Al Rabi Hiking Trail, الشارقة (AE)
Age categories
/ 16-18
/ 19-29
/ 30-39
/ 40-49
/ 50-99
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