Souleymane Ghani | TG
Dubai , | AE
Heroes of Hope (Al Jalila Foundation)
"This year for Dubai Fitness Challenge I have decided to complete 30 half Ironman over 30 days to support Heroes of Hope in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation. Every day I will swim 2km (at Kite Beach), cycle 90km and run 21km (at Al Qudra) and I would like to invite you to join me for any or all parts of the challenge anytime you wish. I am also inviting you to donate on the link below."

Upcoming races

Ride: Build-Up Ride 4
Sun. 23 Jan. 2022
Dubai, United Arab Emirates | AE
Race: SD92CC Main
Sat. 19 Feb. 2022
Dubai, United Arab Emirates | AE

Past races

Ride: Build-Up Ride 3
Finish time: | Overall rank: 474 | Category rank: 92
Sat. 18 Dec. 2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates | AE
Ride: Build-Up Ride 2
Finish time: | Overall rank: 571 | Category rank: 106
Sat. 27 Nov. 2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates | AE
Ride: Build-Up Ride 1
Finish time: 01:45:41.49 | Overall rank: 406 | Category rank: 75
Sat. 30 Oct. 2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates | AE


Al Jalila Foundation
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2021 Heroes of Hope $ 620.00
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Sun. 21 Nov. 2021
Ghani The Great forever inspiring all and showing us your inner strength and even bigger heart ♥️

Vicki and Gretta
$ 50.00

Thu. 18 Nov. 2021
What you are doing is amazing!! Thank you Ghani

$ 60.00

Sun. 31 Oct. 2021
Ghani you ar such an inspiration and what great cause you are supporting ❤️

Mirjam Westerveld
$ 30.00

Sun. 24 Oct. 2021
Good luck, Ghani! You are a SUPERhuman.

$ 100.00