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Do you want to improve your fitness, get out of the gym, have a passion for cycling? Then the Dubai Roadsters is for you !

We are a group of cyclists who enjoy leisure and recreational cycling in Dubai. Our cycling events include weekly club rides, training rides, tours through the desert and mountains of the UAE and the occasional race.
If you are looking for safe places to ride please visit:

We also organize annual cycle tours overseas So whatever your age or level of ability - from beginner to seasoned athlete - we have something for you !

for more info please visit:

There are no fees for the Dubai Roadsters as we are an informal, though regular, group of cyclists.

To all Core Riders : We appreciate you making sure you pay your annual dues of AED 220. This will ensure support car coverage for the year.

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Trainings & workouts

Sunday / Tuesday Training Rides
Every Sunday and Tuesday at Nadd Al Sheba starting at about 6.00 p.m.
For all cyclists. Build your fitness level and chat.
Nadd Al Sheba
Fri. 25 Mar. 2016 - Mon. 31 Dec. 2018
Sun., Tue. 18h

Friday (Long) Ride
For the more experienced there is a longer Ride every Friday morning, starting at the Nadd Al Sheba Cycle Park (old Camel Track). This ride attracts around 150 riders and there are 2 distances that you can do; 80km, 120km. (The group will also have an option to do 140km rides about one month before the Coast to Coast Challenge).

We will leave as one group from the cycle park and may split into two groups along Meydan Road so as to avoid the 'yo-yo' affect. Please stay in your group. The ride to the first water stop is a warm-up ride and should average 32km/hr.

At the water stop (40km) the group will split into a fast 80km group (average 37-38km/hr) and a steady 80km group (average 33-34km/hr).

The 120km group will stay together until the petrol station at Al Awir where the group will refuel and split into a fast and steady 120km group.

We ride at all times (except on the sprint sections) in a formation of two riders next to each other, two parallel lines from front of group to the back – the front positions are very responsible/crucial positions in the group and only experienced riders familiar with the route / riding etiquette should ride up front.
Nadd Al Sheba Cycle Track
Fri. 25 Mar. 2016 - Mon. 31 Dec. 2018
Fri. 6h

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